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Important PreSeason Tackle Information - Please read thoroughly

DJFL preseason practices start the third Monday in August and run for two weeks. Practices will be from 6 PM - 8 PM Monday through Friday for two weeks. The first 3 practice days your son will only need his helmet, shorts, t-shirt and cleats. Every player is required to have three days of conditioning before he can put on pads. (As a reminder, you can purchase your blue football pants with pads at Authentic Athlete or Darien Sports Shop). Therefore, if your son misses the first few days or a week of the preseason, he must still complete his 3 days of conditioning with his helmet, t-shirt, shorts and cleats. If the player misses 5 or more days of preseason practices it is the coaches' discretion whether the player is ready and eligible for the preseason tackle Jamboree scrimmage that is on the last weekend of August. Finally, please have your son bring a water bottle to all practices.

The Head coaches from each grade will be sending out a preseason letter of introduction. Those fathers that are interested in coaching are encouraged to attend as many of the preseason practices as possible. There is an extensive certification requirement for all coaches to complete prior to being able to coach on the field. If you are interested in coaching or learning more about it, please reach out to Brett Tucker (btucker43@gmail.com).

4th Grade - 6th Grade

All players should refer to their specific grade coaches emails/communications for practice and game schedules.  Field availability is subject to change for a variety of reasons and the general league pages may not be updated.  Once teams are determined, your team page will be maintained by your coaches/team parents along with your team's policy of communicating changes.

The Town Hall parking can be very crowded at drop off and pick up time. The Town Hall driving rules are below:


  1. When entering the field to drop-off or pickup, please come to the field in a clockwise fashion.  That is, come in the north from the Renshaw Road stop sign, behind the town hall auditorium, to the field.  Exit in the same direction.
  2. Other than dropping off, please always park your car in a designated parking spot.  Never park or double park anywhere in the service road which might be required for emergency personnel and may also block the flow of traffic.
  3. As the season gets darker, when waiting in the parking lot, please turn off all headlights so that we do not inconvenience any neighbors.
  4. Finally, for those walking players to and from the field, please do not use the Cherry Street/Ash Street gate after dark since this is specifically prohibited under our permit.

If you find you are running late, rather than rushing to the field, text your coach and let him know you are running a couple of minutes late.  He will gladly stay with your son until you make it to the field.

Thank you for following these procedures in the future so that we can avoid any potential accidents and disruption to neighbors.

7th and 8th Grade

Third Monday in August,  7th and 8th-grade teams will practice from 6 PM - 8 PM at the Darien High School stadium turf field. Please arrive by 5:45 PM so your son can check in with your grade team in order to begin practice by 6 pm.


2nd Week of Preseason- All grades

The individual grade head coaches will determine which fields the teams will practice on. Expect a 6-8 PM practice time. 7th and 8th-grade teams will primarily practice at the DHS Stadium turf  or Stadium East while the 4th through 6th-grade teams will practice at either Stadium East, Town Hall or Royle School.

See Important dates tab for further info.