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The following are Coaches with their First Aid/CPR requirement status. Those whose expiration date is blank or in red will need to get certified. If you plan to be a coach for 2021 and are not on this list, please contact Linda Colgan at djfladmin@me.com

Please enter the expiration date that is next to your name into the appropriate spot on the DJFL Coach Registration. You will need to also upload your certificates.

Last Name First Name CPR Expiration Date
Agarabi Dario 7/19/23
Balderach Stephen  
Barrett Stephen  
Benedict Eric 5/17/23
Bolton Christopher 8/27/21
Bortel Todd 6/18/22
Briggs David 5/17/23
Calabro John 7/24/23
Cardone Scott  
Castellani Larry  
Davenport Jay 8/13/23
Dionisio Rick 5/17/23
Duffy Ryan 8/13/23
Emel Eric 8/30/22
Faugno Joe 6/18/22
Field Curt 8/8/23
Finley Chris 2/2/22
FitzPatrick Timothy 8/3/23
Franzese Dan 5/17/23
Grant Andy 8/9/23
Gromelski Jason  
Hall Clint 5/17/23
Hanley Jay (Joseph) 6/18/22
Hantman Aaron 8/18/22
Hardy Stephen 8/23/22
Harwick Chris 5/17/23
Hasan Jamil 5/17/23
Hennemuth Jake 6/18/22
Herget Todd 8/26/22
Hopkins Kris 8/9/22
Kirby Jim 9/19/22
Krant Dick 8/9/23
Lopiano Steve 6/18/22
Mesta Berk 5/17/23
Mihopoulos Peter 8/22/22
Mullane Kevin 5/17/23
Notaro Joseph 5/17/23
Peperone Rich  
Rachinsky Greg 5/17/23
Reed Tyler  
Rentz Doug 5/17/23
Roche Kevin 5/17/23
Santoro Jes  
Slotkin Dan  
Sokolik Doug  
Solomon Kevin  
Spalsbury Todd 5/17/23
Stafford Jeremiah 8/10/23
Stallmeyer Mike  
Testa Joseph 8/11/23
Thom Douglas 7/14/23
Thurlow Mike 8/24/22
Velishka Ben  
Walsh Devon 5/17/23
Wilson Doug 5/17/23
Wurm William 5/17/23
Yoars Peter