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Change Team: 

DJFL Parents:

Please be advised, and we ask that you inform your children, that during DHS varsity football games the Stadium East Field will be “closed” to non-organized and supervised use going forward.  Children should not be on the Stadium East Field to congregate, play football or use equipment while DHS varsity football games are being played.  All parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision and actions of their children at such events.

While it is a great sign of pride and sportsmanship when our youth show support for DJFL and DHS teams, they need to remain off the fields and behind the fenced area surrounding the main stadium field (as all parents and spectators do unless volunteering to do chains, down markers or play counting).  This is an important safety matter but is also necessary to avoid distracting players on the field, damaging the turf or equipment on the fields or, worse, risking injury to themselves and others.

Additionally, we remind all parents of the field rules and ask that you not only follow these rules but take an active role to ensure your children behave in a manner that is safe and respectful to both other and property of DHS and the DJFL.

Throughout this season we have observed parents and children on the turf fields, bringing dogs, eating and drinking on the fields and leaving trash and personal property behind on the turf.  There is particular concern over children playing on the athletic equipment, including the portable and permanent goal posts.

Most recently, newly purchased training equipment on the Stadium East Field was damaged beyond repair.  This equipment was an expensive purchase made by the DJFL for player training and development, and it resulted from children “playing” on and using the equipment in a manner it was not intended for.

We ask for your continued support and cooperation in supervising your children so that the turf fields and equipment, which we have invested in with our program’s limited funds, is not damaged.  More importantly, we do not want any child to get injured.

Thank you and your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

2018 DJFL Board of Directors